Need Gas Services for your New Home?

Whether you have just bought a brand new home, a fixer-upper or you are renting a place, one of the first things you will want to do is set up the gas services. No matter the size of your home, whether you own the place or are renting, Total Plumbing & Gas can help you get everything you need installed when you have to power your hot water appliances, your stove and oven, and anything else you might need.

If you are using gas in your new home, make sure you take the time to understand the various services and connections you will need to set up. Get in contact with the professionals at Total Plumbing to help you.


How to Recognise a Gas Leak

Gas leaks have specific signs, which include:

A “rotten egg” smell

The bubbling of wet or flooded areas

Dust particles blowing from the ground where the gas is installed

Deteriorating vegetation

A hissing sound that is coming from the area your gas is installed

If you suspect a gas leak immediate action is necessary, including;

  • Immediately turn off your gas supply from your meter
  • Turn off all gas appliances
  • Open all windows and doors in the entire building
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Total Plumbing & Gas, Quick, Affordable & Efficient.

  • Are you upgrading from electric to gas?
  • You have prepared your Sunday roast, only to find your oven has let you down?
  • Burners on the cooktop won’t light?
  • Wanting to install that latest and greatest cooker you have just purchased?

Enlist the experts at Total Plumbing to get you cooking with gas.

Gas is a clean, efficient energy source but also potentially dangerous. The correct installation of your gas appliances is critical in ensuring the safety of your home and family. Get it wrong, and you risk potential fires, explosions or even poisoning.

Don’t put your safety on the line with any old plumber, call the experts at Total Plumbing. We are licensed, experienced and efficient, with the strictest of quality control on our work.

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Get fast, safe, affordable gas leak repairs in Hamilton with Total Plumbing & Gas

  • Unusually high gas bill?
  • Hot water system not performing?
  • Over or cooktop not lighting?
  • Smell gas?

Gas leaks are not something to take lightly if you suspect a gas leak call Total Plumbing immediately and we will get our nearest local plumber to you pronto.

Total Plumbing tackles one of the trickiest jobs in the business with the aid of the newest in leak detection technology. Working quickly and efficiently we will source the leak, secure your property and inform you on the next step in getting your property gas-tight again.

Nobody likes surprises, we provide an on the spot, fixed price quote before undertaking lengthy permanent repairs.

Feel safe and sound with Total Plumbing, your 24 hour Hamilton plumbers.


Piping, hot water, gas or one of your fixtures not working? We will be able to help you out and either repair or replace whatever part of your plumbing is causing problems.

New gas service required? Is that old dusty heater due for service? Or that beautiful new cooktop needs to be installed? Total Plumbing is your answer.

Got a gas leak? A leaking pipe? Call the team who provide emergency service round the clock, year-round! That’s right: 24/7, 365 days of the year we’re ready to go.